Saturday, 17 March 2018

Little Blue Car

Despite its bewildering name, I've liked the Nurgle Mephitic Blight-Hauler ever since it came out - and by "liked", I mean "longed to hack to bits". So I bought one, got out the knife, and got to work.

The smooth track-guards made me think of 1930s cars, with their running boards and wheel-arches. As it happened, I had an unfinished Galvanic Servohauler kit lying around (that's the crane and the tractors, for all you English-speakers out there), so I took one of the tractors and combined the parts to make a Mephitic Galvanic Blight-Hauling Servohauler or, as I like to call it, a "little car".

The curved front of the tractor looks vaguely art deco to me, and fits with the tracks. One of the tracks was split and used to make a shaped hull at the rear, to continue the visual concept down the length of the vehicle. The rear wheels were left over from an ork truck.

I think it looks cool. I reckon it could be a scout car for the genestealer cult, perhaps using the rules for a sentinel: at any rate, its style and colour fit the cult limousine in the previous post.

In other news, I painted a couple more guys for Tombstone: a rich-looking chap with a Winchester and the man I converted to be hiding behind a piece of wall. Coincidentally, they seem to be in uniform.

Here they are in front of the Renedra barn that I bought a few weeks back. The barn is pretty good, although some of the detail is rather soft. I've had to guess at what some of the bits on the front are. Whilst not incredibly detailed or complex (and you can't put models inside it) it is decent enough for its cost and serves as a good thing to block line of sight and hinder movement. Now I just need to do the animals.


Mr Papafakis said...

Great conversion there Toby! It does remind me of the Genestealer cult limo, but could be used in an agricultural capacity as well.

That mini set into the wall is interesting. Never come across a sculpt like that before.

Cool Toby :)

Toby said...

Cheers, I'm pleased with this one. I'd like to do more cult vehicles.

The model leaning into the wall is a conversion. He was originally a casualty model lying down, but I found that he looked pretty good standing up and taking cover - or lying in wait.