Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Another Maniac

I have added another ganger to the not-Escher gang. She came from a Kickstarter done by Dice Bag Lady, who do a lot of good female models. She was sculpted by the Hasslefree chap Kev White. I think she may actually be Dice Bag Lady herself, which is pretty awesome. I'd love to have a miniature sculpted of me. Hell, I wouldn't mind if it had a tutu, although I'd prefer to give that a miss.

Anyway, here are a few random gangers, hanging about and looking (vaguely) tough:

And here's the closest thing I can get to a decent group photo.  Sharp readers will notice that there are 11 gangers. I only plan to use ten, but I've got a bonus juve in case I end up recruiting more. At the moment, she can stay back at the hideout and panel-beat the armour when it gets dented.

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