Sunday, 26 March 2017

Three Random Things

Just a quick update for now. I painted three things and here they are.

On the left, we have a vending machine for the Wasteland's second-favourite soft beverage, Neuton Cola, the Pepsi of the apocalypse. This model was MDF and came free with the garage that I made a while ago. It's perfectly ok, although MDF is a little thick and it didn't go together perfectly. But I'm not sure that matters. After all, things are a bit wonky in the future.

The middle guy is a programme seller for an obscure football game called Aggro. I thought he was small enough to work as a newsboy. I cut his hat down a bit - the bobble on top was a bit too festive - and gave him a rucksack with green stuff straps. The sign is just folded plasticard. I could have painted on more detail but it didn't really seem necessary. I might go back to it later.

And finally, as promised, Unn-K'thar, hell-wyrm of the Sundered Crypt or something like that. He's actually a leftover mouth from the Nurgle Maggoth kit, with a body made out of clay. A ridge of clay was added to the base to make it look as if the worm is breaking through the ground, and it had a partial coat of shiny varnish to look like slime.

I usually try to have some idea linking the models that I've posted, but I'm not sure there is one here. Perhaps Unn-K'thar the hell-wyrm left the Sundered Crypt to get something to eat, and has decided to devour the newsboy and wash him down with a gallon or two of Neutron Cola. That makes about as much sense as anything that I write here, after all.

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