Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Have One On Me

  "And then," said the man as he finished his ninth drink, his voice slurring, "my wife left me for a moisture salesman. And she took the kids with her. And my dog bit me. And then my house burned down."
  "That's pretty bad," H.P. Barman said, sliding another whisky across the bar. "But you've got to see it in perspective. It's not half as bad as Unn-K'thar, hell-wyrm of the sundered crypt. Thrice-cursed, he dwells in the cyclopean gulf between the stars, thirsting for the blood of men. When the stars are aligned, the Old Ones will rise and drown the world in mayhem and sorrow. Ia! Black goat of the woods with a thousand young! Who can guess at the horrors of the abyss? Have some peanuts on the house."
  "Cheers, mate."

Here is the finished bar. I added a sign, using wire painted up to look like neon tubing. I'm pleased with this (even if it doesn't have a roof). I think it incorporates the 40k parts and does something with them rather than just having them as "ruined stuff". The name "Nitehawks" comes from a painting of a bar by Edward Hopper that inspired such works as Blade Runner and, er, The Tick.

Next time: Unn-K'thar, hell-wyrm of the sundered crypt.


Hong in Thar said...

Awesome work on the neon lights. I'm surprised you didn't make it say "live girls". As opposed to "dead girls".

Toby said...

Surely "gils" where the sign has partly broken!

Mr Papafakis said...

I loved the intro, very funny :D

The bar turned out great! I like the three upended whiskey bottles too. Well done!