Monday, 27 March 2017

A Night on the Town

Today I managed to get a couple of reasonable pictures of the street that I've been making for ages. Here is the post-apocalyptic, vaguely-cyberpunk town. I suppose that makes it "cyberlyptic", if only because the name "post-punk" is already taken (by Paul Weller and The Jam, if I remember rightly).

Here we see the market. The citizens go about their daily life, past bars, butchers and the ever popular robot repair shop.

Meanwhile, suspicious characters gather around the booth of the Church of the Serpent, an entirely respectable and legitimate church.

In the shadow of a  grimy pillar, a desperate local waits to jab passing rats (or passers by).

Such are the cosmopolitan delights of the city.


Hong in Thar said...

Dunstable has gone downhill slightly from when I was there last....

Toby said...


Mr Papafakis said...

A cracking township if ever I saw one :)