Saturday, 11 March 2017

Small Objectives, Easily Achieved

This week, I've taken a step back from the exciting realm of fantasy, into the equally exciting world of home furnishings. More particularly, how to furnish your home following an apocalypse, in a way that's both pleasing to the eye and lethal to the hordes of crazed, pantless cultists who will no doubt be thirsting for your end as soon as the bomb drops.

I bought some of Mantic's scenery for their Walking Dead game. The quality of Mantic's stuff, in terms of sculpting, casting and the material it's made from, is extremely variable. This set is definitely one of the good ones. For £17 you get a very decent range of modern-style terrain: four crashed cars (two sorts), six barricades (three designs) and ten objective counters (five designs). The sculpting is good: the counters and cars seem to be vaccum-formed, although I might be wrong about that.

Here are two of the barricades. They are well-detailed and the right size and shape for 28mm models.

Exciting front view!

Exclusive rear view!

And here is a little chap in a vault suit standing in the middle of a range of objective counters. Perhaps it's his birthday.

Beans, the apocalypse's second favourite tinned food.

Dinki-Di Dog Food seems to be No1.

 I also got most of a very old metal ogryn off Ebay for a few pounds. I'm not a huge fan of these models, and I think they come from one of GW's weakest periods: in particular, the original head of this miniature was so caricatured that it looked like a novelty door knocker. However, with a new arm made from a plastic ogre's sword arm, and a brilliant commando head from Spellcrow, he has become an ork and looks much better. Still silly, but in a hard-as-nails kind of way.

Also, you can marvel at the neatness of my thumb. While I'm at it, have a couple of Fallout-style citizens, based on Bolt Action Russians. The woman on the left is some sort of manual worker, while the crouching man is a rat catcher.

I like the idea of making civilians, especially for this setting. Although technically unarmed, I would expect them to be very tough and probably carrying a nasty range of pointy sticks.

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Mr Papafakis said...

Yeah, that Ogre conversion looks great. Can't wait to see him painted up :)