Sunday, 19 March 2017

Life in the Ruins

I've managed to paint up the two civilians I started last week. They look suitably post-apocalyptic (ie a mess) and will look right stabbing rats in an alley or repairing a flickery neon sign that says "Girls". Ah, the joys of dystopian life.

 On which subject, I've started work on a bar for the Necromunda/Fallout town. I began with some GW ruined building pieces, and added a floor and counter made of plasticard. I've started on some details as well, including barrels of "beer" and some optics made from the drug cannisters from a Dark Eldar creature. It's unfinished: at the moment, if the villain from Marathon Man went back into practice, the waiting room at his dental surgery would look like this.

My thinking on this is that the town might well be built on the ruins of something much bigger, but worse. Perhaps the society before the apocalypse was dicatorial, and these guys are the inheritors of the rebellion that overthrew it and, in the process, pretty much wiped things out. Anyway, I like the idea of "normal" life carrying on in all these oversized ruins built for space marines. It's an appealing idea.

Also, here is the completed ork commando. I reckon his head works well on the old ogryn body. He looks sufficiently mean. Cockney accent both optional and inevitable.

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Mr Papafakis said...

Top job on the Ork :)