Sunday, 4 December 2016

Up In The Air

Some projects you remember with particular affection. And some you don't. This one sticks in my mind because when I started it, a few years ago, I slipped while cutting some parts up to use, sliced my hand open and had to go to casualty to have seven stitches. I still bear the scars of the battlefields of the 41st millenium.

I happened to find this flying machine lying around in a battered and unfinished state, and realised that, in a true stroke of genius, not only had I mangled myself putting it together, but I'd stuck the engines on back to front. Some rather more careful cutting later, and here is the improved Zephyr, a small flyer used to transport light goods from one hive city to another.

The wings are actually the "petals" of a space marine drop pod. The engines and main body are from a Tau piranha, and the cockpit came off a children's Robogear toy. I think the canopy on the top of the fusillage is from a chaos walker of some kind.

Painting something like this is pretty much out of my experience, so thanks to James for his suggestions. It needs work, since I don't have some of the stuff he proposed that I used. I've got to that weird situation where you know that you need to something, but you're not quite sure what.

The answer is probably to make more genestealers.


Hong in Thar said...

I thought it was the stomper you cut your hand making, or was that an additional act of martyrdom?

Hong in Thar said...

Personally I think you've started with too dark a base colour and therefore it is hard to see tonal variations. I'd start with a much lighter shade of green such as vallejo Russian uniform green.

Toby said...

I was hacking this model up to get parts for the stompa. It was a pretty bad day, all in all. I think you're right about the base colour. I'll have a think, but I'm reluctant to start all over again. Bum.