Sunday, 11 December 2016

More Magus

So, at long last, here is the Magus (Magos? I can never remember) in all his disreputable glory, delivering a speech to his minions or threatening to sue someone for describing his entirely legitimate religion as a dodgy cult.

I found that the banner top kept snapping off, so I rigged up some pipes to run from a cannister on his waist to the top of the banner, in order to hold it in place. It's a bit crude, to be honest, but it will do and isn't too obvious. Unfortunate, but necessary.

I'm pleased with his face, which was worked up from a mixture of dark flesh and grey, with lighter flesh and bone colour added to the mix. It received several washes of thinned-down purple and strongtone around the eyes.

It could do with a bit of tidying up - I'm not convinced by the verdigris - but overall I think this has come out really well. Now we have both a magus and a patriarch! All I need now are about 10 tanks and 500 cultists and I've got a 40k army!

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