Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The Hounds of Hell

Masalan Phallhounds are large, muscular predators thought to have developed during the fifty-year Spice War, during which Masala was isolated from the rest of the galaxy. These creatures are belived to be decended from guard dogs that became mutated after wallowing in a huge pit of food waste known as the Slurry of Curry. This, it is said, gave them their distinctive colour and their pungent odour. They are known for their fiery temprament. Despite being technically poisonous, their meat is regarded as a delicacy in the British Space Empire.

At Warfare, during my deep-diving session in the bargain bin, I acquired two random metal dog-like things. They cost £1, which seemed like a pretty good deal for - well, for whatever they are. Too bad I threw away the blister pack. They're pretty good sculpts, I think, and I really like the musculature on the models. They were quite easy to paint, in that I used red mixed with black and then multiple glazes of thinned down red.

Not bad for a quid!

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