Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Magos in Progress

So I went away to paint some genestealers. And it worked!

I decided to make a scenic base for my magus conversion, so that he could tower over his minions as he delivers some kind of ranting speech to them. I found an old communications array from a 40k building, and used the base of it to make this:

I imagine that the three little prongs sticking up are models of the hive cities that the magus has conquered, so he will be literally looming over them when he is finished. I think it will be quite a cool base for him.

And here is the start of the magus. I'm posting him here because his robe is some of the best painting I've done in years, perhaps ever. Which might well say a lot about the quality of my work.

Let's hope I don't balls up the rest of him.


Hong in Thar said...

Lovely blending. It makes me want to go and buy some Dairy Milk.

Toby said...

Thanks! Not only am I pleased with the result, but it's a constant reminder to eat more chocolate! Brilliant!