Sunday, 20 November 2016

Warfare and the Patriarch

I went to "Warfare" in Reading yesterday, which is a wargames event held in a sports centre on the edge of town. There were a lot of stalls, as per last year, and I met up with friends and spent a very pleasant couple of hours buying things.

These sorts of small fairs are pretty good, especially if you are looking for bits and pieces rather than squads or models from one particular manufacturer. As ever, there are an awful lot of good small companies out there. Anyway, everything was going fine until I noticed that one of the stalls had a large plastic box of end-of-sale items in front of it. My eyes lit up with crazed glee and I dived into the bargain bin with the discerning enthusiasm of a rat in a gourmet's dustbin.

The haul was impressive. I acquired:

2 Chinese army medics (from Dystopian Legions)
A troll/orc type bounty hunter (Hordes)
3 Wild West casualties (Dead Man's Hand)
2 random cyberpunk type people (Infinity)
Some kind of harlequin, who is missing a bit (Carnivale)
2 alien dog monsters
A Vallejo pigment. I have no idea what you do with this but it might be useful, somehow. Smear it on vehicles, maybe?

I have also been at work on the genestealer cult. I found someone selling the new patriarch model on ebay for £10, and bought it. In the old days, the patriarch resembled a cross between the Alien, Baron Harkonnen from Dune and Don Corleone. He wore a big chain, smoked cigars and rolled around in a limousine. These days, the patriarch sits on a pipe. The guy lives like a bum.

I didn't convert the model, except to shorten his mandibles and stretch out his right leg, so he seems to be moving. The original pose had him squatting on the pipe, which did make it look slightly as if he was using it as a latrine. The bio-stuff on the base was added with green stuff to fill up the space and blend the pipe into the square plate that it's standing on.

Overall, he's come out rather washed-out, because he lacks bright colour. But it's hard to know how to deal with this, given that any bright bits would probably draw attention from the main model. Anyhow, I need to tidy him up a bit, but overall, he will be a good leader for the cult.

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