Saturday, 26 November 2016

This Week's Horrible Blob Monster

I have started to make a dent in the heap of random models that I got out of the bargain bucket at Warfare. The first is a medic from the Empire of the Blazing Sun for the (perhaps) defunct game Dystopian Legions. At least, I think it's Dystopian Legions. It might be Dystopian Wars, Armies, Empires or Kindergartens. I get them mixed up. So he's from a game which might be Dystopian and might still exist.

Anyhow, he was quite a large 32mm scale, so I chopped his legs down by cutting out a lot of bandages/puttees just below his knees. I think it hasn't made the model look too out-of-proportion. I could see him in a Necromunda/Blade Runner type setting. It's a shame there aren't rules for hired medics and the like. In the meantime, he'll look good manning a stall in the market.

The second model for this week was more involved. I'm not overly taken with the aberrant models for the genestealer cult, and so I decided to make my own. The head of this model was a genestealer hybrid. The upper body came from a Nurgle champion, and the arms were a Mantic power claw and a chopped-down GW Ogre Kingdoms arm.

The legs were from Ramshackle Games. I ordered three pairs of legs and was mysteriously sent 12, which came with integral bases (I don't like integral bases). As with much of Ramshackle's stuff, they're a bit crude, but cheap and reasonable. The cables used to tie the two halves of the monster together were part of the whip of the fat Khorne bloke that I made into Ned Killy a while ago.

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