Wednesday, 9 November 2016


A couple of months ago, I picked up some craters from the Colours show at Newbury. They were very cheap and made of resin, and shaped like doughnuts so that models could be placed in the centre. I painted this crater up and used thin plasticard to fill in the middle. The plasticard was sealed with green stuff and then painted black.

After painting, I built up the toxic sludge with layers of Water Effects, putting objects into the sludge at different points so that they would "sink" to different levels. Each layer of Water Effects was allowed to dry before another was added. I stirred a small amount of paint and ink into each layer to give the impression of nasty chemicals half-mixed into the slime.

A few bits and pieces were added to finish the crater off: a sign, a barrel and a couple of bits of random scrap. Here is the finished model. This took ages!

I've also been working on the scientist gang. This is the painted version of the guy I converted a couple of posts back.

And last of all, I bought the genestealer cult neophyte boxed set (the more human-looking genestealer hybrids). The sculpting of the models is excellent, and GW have done a great job of modernising the genestealer hybrids while keeping to their original style. So far, I've converted the guy below out of hybrid parts and a fantasy sorceror. He will be a cult magus, whose crazed ravings drive his followers into a frenzy and propel him to the summits of power. How topical.

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