Monday, 31 October 2016

In Which A Workman Blames His Tools

Part of the aim of this blog has been to make myself get better at painting and converting. I started out a bit better than average at conversions and very much average at painting (if that), and the aim has been to improve in both. Part of improving is not thinking "it'll do" when something could be made better. You have to be honest about it.

So, that in mind, I dismantled the flamer lady and took off her legs, which were much too bulky. I added new legs made from a Mantic orc, of all things, and did some tidying up of her gun and face. Here she is, standing next to the genestealer limo for contrast.

I'm still not totally happy. There are a few intrinsic problems with the model. For one thing, it's based on a very old miniature which, whilst having a lot of charm, is lumpier and less sophisticated than more recent sculpts. For another, I've used a lot of green stuff, which never seems to set entirely smooth and is a pig to paint. It always looks as if you haven't watered the paint down, even if you have. And of course neither white nor black is an easy colour to paint.

Oh, and there might be the tiniest element of human error involved as well.

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