Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Carburetta the Scrapbot

A friend was scratch-building spaceships out of bits of household appliance, as you do, and I thought it would be interesting to try to make some kind of 40k creature out of the bits and pieces I had lying around. I had the idea for a battered-looking robot, where every part would have been repaired and replaced until there was nothing original left.

I found a pair of Space Hulk genestealer legs (without a tail or groin, somewhat worryingly) and built up from there. Barrels, bits of scenery, plasticard and the landing gear from a spacecraft made the body. The head is left over from a finecast elf, and always looked more like a sinister mask than a face to me. Just the kind of thing you'd stick on the front of a robot to put it deep in the uncanny valley.

And now for some paint in a rather optimistic attempt to tie it all together. I like the engine-type thing in the middle of it: purely by chance, it reminds me of a ribcage. I tried to paint the loincloth to resemble a set of blueprints. Perhaps this thing needs them in case it has to repair itself.

Side view!

And a rear view. Maybe the weird little shrine powers it.

So er, yeah. That was fun to make, even if I'm not wholly sure what I have actually made. I'm off to Cornwall for a few days. Normal service will soon be resumed.

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Mr Papafakis said...

I'm not sure what you created either, but it looks good :)