Sunday, 22 May 2016


It's been a very quiet weekend and I've been able to make some more Necromunda guys. As well as building a model shed too boring to appear here (complete with simulated pigeon poo), I made two bodyguards for the noble family. They're based on Sedition Wars soldiers, with helmets from GW Dark Eldar scourges.

The guy on the right has a gun left over from some Tempestus Scions, and the woman on the left has a mixture of Empire and Skitarri parts for arms and weapons. Painting their armour was really difficult and I'm not a hundred percent keen on the result. Still, I like the overall effect. They're how I imagine the Emperor's Sardaukar troops from Dune to look.

And here they are with the rest of the family. I think I'll do a couple more, but I might just keep the colour scheme and the helmets depending on their role.

Given that I got my first actual request in the comments box from the last post, here is what the market stalls look like when they are assembled but not converted. They're pretty basic, but are a good starting point. Here's one (two) I didn't make earlier, together with a fat bloke holding a stick:

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