Friday, 20 May 2016

Guns, Portakabins and Cheap Meat (and thanks)

I've been writing this blog for a couple of weeks and I've had, at the last count, 279 page views. Wow! That seems an awful lot, even factoring in that about half of those are by me and a few might be bots/servitors. The weird thing is that people have actually looked at this blog who I haven't even forced or bribed into it. Three views from Australia! Two views from Ireland! Twelve from Slovakia! I find this quite flattering. Thanks for reading, all of you!

Anyhow, onwards before I sound like an Oscar acceptance speech. I've been making quite a lot of terrain recently, most of it bought from a Cornish company called TT Combat. It's laser-cut MDF, and quite simple, but can be made to look interesting if you're willing to put a bit of work in. Here are two market stalls.

Both of these were just shells, but with the right bits I was able to flesh them out (literally, in the bottom case). Incidentally, the sign reads "cheap meat" in Japanese, or at least that's what Google says.

I've also constructed this raised walkway and portakabin. It's a glamorous place, Necromunda. The portakabin was just an MDF model that I painted up, using the same sponge-dabbing technique that I use for vehicles because I'm too cheap to buy an airbrush. The walkway was a piece of very cheap vaccuum-formed plastic with various parts added from Mantic, Games Workshop and, er, Playmobil.

Although these probably aren't the most thrilling bits of design work you'll ever see, they do contribute to the run-down, industrial look that I'm aiming for, and will make the battlefield look more interesting. In particular, the walkway provides cover and will enable models to take advantage of the rules for being higher up (which seem to largely consist of falling off and getting hurt).

Well, enough terrain for now. Some people have to live in this grimy dystopia. Like this guy:

"Home again, home again, jiggerty jig!"


Hong in Thar said...

Great stuff Toby, I particularly like those market stalls. Did you have a photo of just blank they were before you worked your magic? They look ace now!!!

Hong in Thar said...

I hope it doesn't say cheap meat. I've got a tattoo with that on!!!

Toby said...

Sure, I've put a picture in the most recent post!

Mr Papafakis said...

I like the market stalls too Toby, especially the meat one....kinda looks appetising :)