Saturday, 25 July 2020

Probably My Favourite Miniature

This time, I've repainted one of my favourite models ever. I first bought this miniature when I was about 15. I would have picked it out of a red Citadel catalogue when I was at school, and my friend Mark - or, more likely, his parents - would have added the serial number to a list of things to order by fax.

Anyhow, my point is that this model is brilliant. The sculpting is excellent, the concept is absolutely cool - its a demon wearing armour made of the bones of a goat, for goodness' sake - and aptly, it's completely metal. Actually, that's not quite right, as the shield is from a modern plastic chaos knight. Even the spindly legs make him look like something out of a medieval manuscript (well. the last level of Doom 2, at least). I imagine that he'd make a good Master of Executions for the Chaos Marine army - or maybe Lord of Duels, given his armament. That kind of thing.

The next two lowlifes are old metal Goliath gangers, whom I intend to use as Chaos Cultists, should the need ever arise. The chap with the small flamer is a "normal" ganger, and the man with the chainsword is a gang leader. As with the other Goliaths, I don't really like the style all that much (although the sculpting is fine, especially on Flamer Boy), and I painted them fairly quickly. I used a red undercoat on the skin, for a slightly raw feel, and the trousers were painted in contrast paint, as per their comrades. That's the whole gang painted, ready to soak up some bullets for their chaos overlords on the battlefield!

I've always felt that Chaos cults wouldn't just include robed worshippers of Khorne, Tzeentch and the other chaps. My feeling is that both Chaos and Imperial crusades would draw all sorts of loonies: soldiers of fortune, criminal gangs, crackpot militias, lasgun nuts and similar deranged types, tagging along in the hope of impressing the Chaos Marines enough to join their ranks - or just for the chance to nick a load of stuff.

So, I painted up a few renegade crazies as well. In truth, I've had these models knocking around for ages and I wanted shot of them. The woman (the slightly smaller model with the gasmask) is from a Kickstarter that Bad Squiddo did ages ago, although I cut her hair down a bit. I'm not sure where the two men are from.

So that's it for now. Another tiny dent in the huge pile of lead.


SpacecowSmith said...

Love the additions to your collection!

The skeletal dude is channelling the Dark Judges from Dredd a bit and I love the darker finish you've given the bones too. He was one of my favourite miniatures back in the day too!

The two humies are from Foundry's Street Violence range I think.

I always found the equipment for Goliaths a bit weird as one would think that will all those muscles they'd be keen to get stuck into close combat rather than posing from a distance with a grenade launcher! Nice work on the skin tones too. The red gives them a rather furious look to them which makes one worry about their blood pressure!

Toby said...

Thanks! I've had all the models for ages.

You're right: they are Foundry models. Thanks for that: I got them in a job lot a while ago. Yes, there is a Dark Judge whose face is a horse skull. Plague, maybe?

The Goliaths don't work for me as a look. But they'll make useful cultists - and chaos cultists never stay on the table for very long anyway!