Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Mantic Characters

It feels like ages since I posted here. It actually isn't - it's been ten days or so - but time is currently passing rather weirdly, and we seem to be in about the 120th day of February. Once again I've been dipping into the huge pile of unpainted models, and this time round it's Mantic.

Last year, or maybe the year before that, I got a load of Dreadball models cheaply. Most were the cyborg "Revenant" team, and a few were referees or fans. As ever, the concepts are fine, the sculpts are okay, and the casting isn't great.

Here are two cyborg orcs (or orks, or orx). I think they're the best models in the team. The detail is a little soft, but they've come out ok.

And here are two people who I think are either coaches or civilians. They were made out of less rubbery plastic than the orcs, and the detail was a good deal sharper. I made them bases out of plasticard and bits of wire. I really enjoyed painting them both. They'll make good underworld figures or "normal people" for the futuristic town.

Disco Sue is an important and extroverted local leader, noted for her large hair and dogged refusal to get with the times and dress like a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk.

Willy the Fish is a short-tempered fishman, who inherited an empire of crime after the tragic filleting of his former boss, Piscine Bob. He we see him shouting in outrage at an allegation that his enemies "sleep with the fishes".

Finally - and I'm saving the most exciting stuff till last - here are two concrete posts! Amazing! They're TT Combat MDF models, with the joins at least partly obscured by DAS clay. The posters were printed out from ones on the GW site.

After complaining about Mantic's stuff (which isn't actually all that bad) I went off and bought the All Out War Walking Dead game. The models in it are really nice: sharply-detailed one-piece sculpts. I might even get round to painting them one day.


SpacecowSmith said...

Loving the additions to your collection.

Mantic stuff can be a bit hit or miss but it is very affordable which makes up for some of the somewhat ropey sculpts.

I'm tempted to pick up a few odds and ends for my own gubbins after seeing them!

Toby said...

Thanks - I've got plans for a solo Necromunda game involving civilians so I thought these guys would work well for it.

Mantic are very hit and miss: I think you just have to be a bit choosy about what you go for. I thought their skeletons were very good, and the Walking Dead models seem very decent too.