Saturday, 5 June 2021

For A Few Turnips More

 It's been a busy week in the world of the turnip, and I've been able to make a few more wretched soldiers. A uniform seems to be developing, despite me using bits from medieval, Napoleonic and WW2 commando kits. A lot of Napoleonic British soldiers seem to have flasks of some kind on their belts, which can be easily painted to look like turnips. Here are the new soldiers in their questionable glory.

Private Nozzle is young and idealistic, and eagerly plays a fanfare on his trumpet whenever his comrades find a good turnip, which helps nobody.

Private First Class Gripknee is known for his excellent aim, and not for his personal hygiene.

Private Clencher is so well-armoured that nobody has seen his face for many years. Or perhaps this is his face. It's better not to inquire.

Corporal Shalegrind is a tough soldier with many years of hunting vegetables under his belt. Why he hunts vegetables under his belt, nobody knows. Most people just look in the ground. Here he is carrying a raw turnip as a tasty snack/new best friend/minor deity.

I was wondering who would dare take arms against these bold warriors. Obviously, there will be the soldiers of other warbands and grotty provinces, but what strange creatures do they face? I hope to have answers soon.


Suber said...

I really love what you are doing here. Truly tasty :)

Toby said...

Thanks! It's been a really fun project and I'm very pleased with the results!

Skully said...

Very cool stuff!