Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Troll Number Four and a Black Scorpion Scholar

 I suspect some projects never end. I thought I'd finished my group of trolls when I painted the third of them a few weeks back, but soon enough I found myself buying another one from Ebay. This one is the plastic model that came with the Battle of Skull Pass Fantasy Battle set many years ago. He's got slightly different features to the others, but I expect that trolls are pretty accepting of anything they can't eat, so he'll fit in fine. Here he is, unconverted, about to lob a huge lump of masonry at anyone he dislikes.

Some of the detail on the model was a little soft, but I'm pleased with the shading on his face and arms.

Next up, I've finally got around to painting one of the Black Scorpion pirate models that I bought at least five years ago. Black Scorpion made some excellent miniatures, and this guy is a great sculpt. He seems to be some kind of scholar or navigator, with his piles of books and similar paraphenalia. I think he could make a good wizardly character for Frostgrave or the like. 

The shading on resin models comes out a bit harsh sometimes, perhaps because the edges are sharp, but I like him a lot. 

Anyhow, I've got plans for the next troll in the horde, which will involve converting what I consider to be one of the worst models of the last ten years. Should be fun!


Skully said...

The guy with the books looks cool, Toby! I never liked that troll model though. The painting I do like. :)

Toby said...

I prefer the more cartoony trolls that they have now. The Skull Pass one has a lot of lumps, but it's hard to make out some of the details. Thanks about the painting though. I really enjoy doing the trolls!

Suber said...

Nice work! I hadn't seen the books guy, it's quite an interesting sculpt

Toby said...

Thanks! Black Scorpion have got some very nice sculpts. I think it's just a couple of guys doing everything by hand, but some of the models are superb and full of character. Definitely worth a look.