Sunday, 30 August 2020

Six Citizens From A Sick City

About three years ago, I signed up for the Kickstarter of TT Combat's skirmish game, Carnevale. A while later, I was sent a large amount of miniatures and, well, I suppose you can probably guess what happened next. That's right: I didn't paint them. 

Well, I decided to paint a group of Venetian Citizens. They're low-ranking minions of The Guild, the organised crime syndicate / "normal people" faction of the game. The citizens aren't much good on their own, but they're cheap in terms of points and they have a rule that improves them a bit if they're acting in a mob.

TT Combat's models for Carnevale are consistently excellent sculpts. They're resin, and a tad brittle, but the detailing is great. Also, because of the setting, one model can easily be used to proxy another.

I decided to use a limited set of colours on them, to tie the group together. Looking back, I think some of the colours, especially the dark blue, are a tad drab, but it does unite them as a unified furious mob instead of a, er, messy one.

These two seem to be a sailor and a fairly prosperous-looking gent.

Here we have two ladies, who look like what happens when you cross Jane Austen. I really like the sculpting of the folds in their dresses.

The man in this picture was a freebie in the Kickstarter and is very angry about it. The girl is actually a metal model from the game Bushido, and was an animal tamer. I cut her whip off: I think the remaining handle would work as a cosh. My detailed research (ie playing Assassin's Creed 2) tells me that her outfit isn't that different from some European peasant gear. She's slightly smaller than the others, so I expect that she's a teenager who picks pockets and runs errands. Because the model is so spindly, I added a rock to give her a bit more support. (I've also noticed that I've forgotten to paint a flask on her belt. Damn.

I've still got the leopard that the Bushido lady came with, and sometime I'll get around to painting it. But for now, they are a small horde, who will hopefully one day come in useful on the canalside.


Full Colour Miniatures said...

Great work as always Toby. I look forward to liberally dousing the canals with body parts from the gang of misfits you have painted with my Venetian nobles and their entourage at some point.

Toby said...

Yes, sometime we really ought to have another game. I shall of course be fielding an army of
nannies equipped with frying pans - the option of choice for powergamers everywhere!