Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Bad Times In The City

The heroes disappeared into the city streets, pursued by the authorities. They needed to know why they had been ambushed by the security forces, and quick. The best thing for it was to speak to their contacts in the underworld. But with the governor's corrupt minions in hot pursuit, they needed to work fast.

This was a mission of my own devising. The five heroes needed to speak to (ie move into base contact) with four informants. Each informant was in the middle of a quarter of the board. They were up against their own points value of gangers with lasguns. 

The governor's troops move in

I was expecting this to be a tough fight. As it happened, it was brutal. On the left flank, the combination of Doombot X-7 and Maria Poppinata disposed of three troopers, with Doombot stunning the enemy with a frag grenade and Maria rushing in with her sword to polish off anyone still standing. The governor's thugs went down quicker than a spoonful of sugar.

Maria Poppinata gets the lowdown from Disco Sue

On the right, Dave and Captain Fancy supported Dr Apocalypse in a more cautious advance. Dave made good use of his hipshooting skill to pick off one of the enemy, and the mad doctor knocked down three men with a frag and finished off the last of the team with his blade. Unsurprisingly, the remaining few troopers took a good look around and fled the field!

Doctor Apocalypse raises hell next to the Robot Repair booth

The heroes had driven the enemy off the field. At last, they were able to question their informants and find out what was going on. I wish I knew!

Willy the Fish protests his innocence


Skully said...

Maria looks just great, Toby! Very fancy hair.

Toby said...

Thanks! She really needs a hat to complete the look though!