Sunday, 1 March 2020

Two Rural Idiots For The Rural Idyll

This week, I've made two more loonies for the warband of season-worshipping loonies.

The first is an old metal dryad, from an incarnation of the wood elves from about 2000. He's more cartoony than the current models, but I really like the pose. Here's a rather pointless WIP shot:

And here's the finished article:

Second, we've got a maniac with a flute. The body and head for this model came from the Empire flagellants kit. The arms (and flute) were from some Empire soldiers, and the axe came from a sprue of Mantic undead that I hadn't turned into Romans yet (soon). Here's the WIP:

And here's the finished article. In making this warband, I've tried to ensure that, instead of a uniform, colours and styles are repeated on different models. So, this guy has the same green and brown as the knight and the dryad, and has an axe like the knight. Also, he has flowing robes and bare feet, like the priestess, and carries a chequered scrap of cloth to further tie him to the knight. I imagine that he leaps about and tootles madly on his flute to celebrate the arrival of spring (or combat).

Here's a group photo so far. Hopefully, they're all individuals, but they look right together.

The other thing I've painted this week is a shield for the fifth and last member of the warband. I was inspired by the wheel of life in the trailer for The Green Knight that I mentioned a couple of posts ago. The shield is quartered, each quarter representing a season, and using the same colour scheme as the warband. It's actually a Warlord Games base painted with thinned down GW paint.

If this blog ever needs a corporate logo, I might have just made it...


SpacecowSmith said...

Cracking little warband there!

It's quite a disparate group but you've really got them looking fab!

Toby said...

Thanks - I've got plans to use them for a modified game of Hardwired. I've just got to make the last model and to figure out the rules...

Skully said...

Your paintjob ties them nicely together!

Wouter said...

You're on the roll, a terrific warband.
Maybe you can add some rats for your flutist.