Sunday, 23 February 2020

A Friend for the Knight of Seasons (and some goblins)

This week, I've done a few more models for Mordheim/Frostgrave.

First up is the second model in the "Green Knight" warband. Many years ago I bought a Mordheim Augur and cut her up to make a wizard. I stripped the model and started again. The head was gone, as was the knife she was raising, and so I added a new plastic Empire sword, gave her a Statuesque Miniatures bald head, and sculpted some hair on using green stuff.

I don't really like sculpting hair - I find it easy to do to a low quality, but hard to make convincing. The original model is throwing her head back and looking at the sky, but I turned this one's head, as if she's striking some fighting pose before attacking with her blades.

Painting was quite easy: most of the model is her large dress, and that was just a mixture of fading up from dark brown to red. I used a rust effect on the swords, partly to tie her to the knight, but also as it looks natural and may have a ritual significance to these guys.

It's surprisingly difficult to come up with new ways of doing the whole "crazy medieval pagan" look for a warband. A lot of the imagery is already used by the wood elves, beastmen or the followers of Nurgle. I quite like the idea of having a group of loonies celebrating some change in the seasons with a (possibly) magical parade. Perhaps these guys are doing that. Or they're just re-enacting a Kate Bush video.

I also did a couple of goblins for the ever-growing goblin horde. They're much lighter in tone and more cartoony than the pagan revellers. The ball-and-chain man was originally lacking his ball, so I made one out of clay. The shotgunner is a 40k gretchin, but I think he works fine with some sort of musket.

I like these guys a lot. It's hard to see, but I'm very pleased with the painting on their faces.


Skully said...

Loving that lady in red! The Gobbos look great as well.

Wouter said...

Brilliant work Toby!
That lady is a simple but marvelous conversion.