Sunday, 8 March 2020

The Technomancer: Chaos Marine Warpsmith

It's been a fairly quiet week. A while ago, I got a couple an old metal Privateer Press model for £2, and I thought that I'd have a go at painting it. It's the "Iron Lich Asphyxious" from the Cryx faction, who are basically steampunk undead.

I thought he'd made a good techmarine - sorry, warpsmith - for the 40k Chaos army. The model has a mechanical look, and the background in the Chaos book says that some warpsmiths are almost entirely robotic, so that seems to fit. I tend to find that techmarine-type models are very busy, with arms and tentacles going everywhere, but a bit of a mess, so I kept this guy simple.

The only conversions I've done are to put a metal clamp on the end of his staff, and to replace his head with a ridiculous chaos helmet that I had lying around. The huge horns look pretty silly on any model, but given that he's already very big and spindly, they don't look too out of place and hopefully emphasise his height. I added a couple of bits of rusted machinery to the base to further link him with his role, and painted his robes red to suggest a link with the tech-priests of Mars.

The Technomancer: fighting the Long War in rooms with high ceilings

Not bad for £2 really!


Floyd Lawton said...

Bane of the Technomancer: doorways with abnormally low clearance.... :-)

Toby said...

"Unwedge me, minions!"

Wouter said...

Nice save! He looks as if he totally belongs.