Sunday, 2 February 2020

The Spirit Horde Rises!

Among the sisters of the Order of Saint Triniana, whenever a sister is slain in battle, her body is taken back to the grand catacombs beneath the priory for burial. But sometimes, when a battle sister has unfinished work to do, the Emperor permits her a second chance, and her death-shroud becomes infused with her sacred spirit. Some say that, late at night, the shrouds rise from the bodies they once covered and the Shrouded Ones can be seen wafting about, looking for enemies to slay.

The sisters make use of such spirits, binding them into a sanctified Rhino known as the Sanctus Mobilitate. In battle, they are unleashed upon the enemy, cutting the enemy with long blades, and melting the unclean with sorcerous blasts. At such times, it is best to look away.

This week, I've continued work on the remaining four Myrmourn Banshees as replacement arco-flagellants for the sisters of battle.

I thought it would be nice to give one of the spirits a human face, like the angels in Raiders of the Lost Ark just before they go into killing-mode. I used a Statuesque Miniatures female head (they seem to be the best option for this available). This actually turned into a more complex conversion that I'd anticipated, because the models are rather flimsy and the pieces don't connect very much. I ended up using a lot of green stuff, which I dislike as it's so difficult to smooth down. She's the one in the middle, and the basic model is the one behind her.

At the end of the day, I think the conversion works OK, but I'm glad that I only attempted it on one of the models. I also pitched the human-faced angel forwards, by drilling a new hole in her base, so she's flying along parallel with the ground instead of rising into the sky shrieking.

Here is the finished unit. I really like these models. The design is great and the sense of movement is terrific.

The optimum number of models in an arco-flagellant unit seems to be nine, because you can fit them into a Rhino and add an imperial preacher to boost their abilities. That means that I need one more of these chaps, and I've got a special plan for her.

Incidentally, here are four similar conversions I did a while ago: they're also Age of Sigmar Nighthaunts, but these are Glaivewraith Stalkers. I gave them new heads and metal arms to turn them into some kind of weird Adeptus Mechanicus hunting beasts:


SpacecowSmith said...

Cracking work!

I'm loving the conversions and it's a really original idea to use the Nighthaunt figures for 40k.

Toby said...

Cheers - it doesn't make all that much sense really but then 40k never has! In my book, pretty much anything is permissible if Chaos did it or it's a psychic power!

Wouter said...

Sweet, I like the conversion you did with the head. A great reference to the source of your idea.
These Stalkers are a lot of fun too!