Monday, 17 February 2020

A Knight For All Seasons


I think every old wargamer acquires a handful of Space Marines: whether intentionally or otherwise, they just sort of appear. Similarly, I suspect that every new wargamer ends up with a few Stormcast Eternals - or, to give them their usual name, Sigmarines.

So, I thought I'd have a go at one of my Sigmarines. Clearly, they're not human, as they're too big and the proportions are different (actually, they're probably more realistically-proportioned, but still). I happened to see this complete weirdness, which reminds me of some of the better stuff in the Blanchitsu/Aos28 style:

Some sort of wild Arthurian person seemed like a good idea. I replaced the strange blank-faced Sigmarine helmet with a mad-looking head from the Empire Flagellants set, and cut an axe down from a couple of Chaos weapons - a Nurgle champion provided the blade, and the haft came from a marauder.

Not-very-helpful WIP

The shield was a very old shield that I found knocking around, probably from 1995 or so. I originally wanted to give him a massive circular shield with a design quite like the wheel of fortune in the Green Knight trailer, but it covered up too much of the model. Also, the shield I've given him follows the line of his leg quite nicely and draws the eye towards his face (I hope).

The armour was painted to look rusty, and I went for a variety of natural colours on the robes, vaguely suggestive of the seasons. I'm not sure on the checks on the shield. It seems to be obligatory in the darker end of Warhammer, but I don't know if it really goes with the model. At any rate, they took ages to paint, so they're staying.

Actually, he looks a bit like Sir Launcelot at the end of the bonkers 1981 film Excalibur (which I suspect had quite an influence on Warhammer's chaos knights). I wonder if I could make a warband like this? Perhaps a priestess and a dryad, with some obligatory loonies? Hmm.

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SpacecowSmith said...

Nice conversion work and awesome paintwork! He's got buckets more character than the rather bland sigmarites!

Toby said...

Thanks! He just needs some minions!

Wouter said...

Excellent conversion and really nice brushwork too. I like how weathered and weary he looks.