Sunday, 17 March 2019

More Goblins, More Houses

This week, I made some more goblins for... well, I'm actually not sure for what. Maybe for Frostgrave, but just as much for my own entertainment. I don't have nearly enough for a Warhammer-type army (and I don't want to go down that route) but I do like the idea of having a small horde of them.

Anyway, first up is a troll with a goblin rider. The model is from the pirate game Rum & Bones 2, and is a one-piece plastic model. It was very cheap and the concept is nice. However, it reminded me why game models aren't great: the combination of terrible mold lines and dodgy plastic made it a real pain to paint. The surface didn't take paint all that well and I was glad to finish it, although I'm not that pleased with the end result.

And now onto something nicer. These two guys are from Tor Gaming's Relics, and they're really nice sculpts. They painted very easily, although I would have liked to do a more detailed design on the flag. Great characterful models. They will look good at the front of the goblin horde.

Last up is a Tudor cottage. It's an MDF model that I got off some bloke on ebay for £5. It's very simple, but will do the job nicely. I added the roof tiles, the door and a shield above the door for a bit of detail. The chimney isn't great and will require more work, but overall it will make a fine addition to the Frostgrave/ Mordheim terrain.


Skully said...

Nice work on that troll!

Toby said...

Thanks - a surprisingly difficult model to do!