Monday, 4 March 2019

In The Neighbourhood

Just a few street scenes. Apologies for the ropey camerawork, but these guys looked shifty and I had to work quickly.

Here we see a potential customer approaching the local Trading Post stall. Trading Post franchises its arms-dealing and shack-defence business to various wasteland settlements. Customers under eight years old require parental consent to purchase heavy weaponry. No warheads are kept on-site.

Bellvue Mews is a cosmopolitan melting pot. Many pots have melted here, owing to the nearby reactor. The power facilities are kept safely behind a chickenwire fence purchased especially by the council to deal with the town's supply of vast, irradiated mutant chickens.

As the police walk past, an entirely respectable civilian emerges from a side-street with his shotgun.

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Skully said...

Great scenery and minis! It's always good to see some Necromunda (especially Delaque)!