Sunday, 31 March 2019

Another Day, Another Crazed Nudist

Hello again! I'm in the position of not really having any projects on the go at present. I'm vaguely making some Frostgrave warbands and scenery, somewhat assembling a metal Sisters of Battle army, kind of painting my town full of little lead villagers, and just sort of painting various random stripped models. Since I discovered the magic of Dettol, I can basically repaint anything I've ever painted - whilst still buying more miniatures!

While converting a Sisters penitent engine, I ended up with the pilot model left over. He's a sort of half-nude loony wired into the machine's controls. I didn't have much of a use for him. Anyway, inspired by the Inq28 magazine that came out this month, I stuck a pair of Ramshackle Games' robot legs to the pilot, added some bits to bulk out the model and gave him a shield and power sword. The effect is hopefully of some kind of crazy berserker.

And now with paint...

Brother Zaydoc was once a travelling preacher, who stirred up the masses with his furious sermons. His calls for murder, carnage and flagellation brought him to the attention of the Ministrorum, who thought he was great. However, Zaydoc's insistence that everyone should be nude was anathema, and the priesthood declared him to be a heretic. His followers in the Brotherhood of the Truth Laid Bare handed Zaydoc over to the authorities, and he now serves the Emperor as a cyber-berserker, admittedly still with no trousers.

I always think that some of the "folk instruments" used by Reeves and Mortimer as Mulligan and O'Hare would fit into the 40k world, with a few extra skulls.

Anyhow, here's the second MDF house I got from ebay. This was very cheap, and it's a simple, decent, easy-to-assemble kit. They're available HERE.

I added roof tiles made from bits of card, which is dull but easy to do, a plastic door from Mantic Games and a chimney. The chimney was made from thick card, smeared with thinned down Das Putty to hide the joins. The chimney pot is actually a pin pushed through a piece of plasticard, painted like stone.


Mr Papafakis said...

Interesting conversion there Toby. Great use of the Ramshackle legs (they're quite handy aren't they!) and the nuded up psychopath is ace. I think he'd be a lot of fun to have on the tabletop.

Well done :)

Toby said...

Thanks - the Ramshackle legs are really useful. Some of their stuff is very handy. I think he'd be some kind of arco-flagellant. I expect that the Sisters of Battle would be accompanied by a horde of random maniacs, and he'd be one of them!