Saturday, 1 December 2018

Ghouls Gone Wild

Once again, it's been a bit of a quiet week. I spent quite a lot of it being ill, propped in front of the TV. After two days of strong medication, Father Ted and the Godfather, you start to have a rather skewed view of the world. However, I was able to finish off another ghoul and the last dwarf explorer.

The ghoul is another Rackham model and a very strange one too. His pose looks less as if he's just leaped out of a tomb than he's just taken to the stage with a feather boa, and is about to belt out some musical numbers. On the other hand, the sculpting and detail are excellent. He came without a head, so I added a shrivelled trophy I found on a chaos warrior shield. The banner/warning sign behind him was added to give him a bit more stability.

I'm pleased with the shading on his robe. Here is the whole ghastly chorus line of them, doing whatever sordid things ghouls do, in a row.

And now for the last dwarf. This guy is basically a really stumpy knight. I thought he looked ace and painted him to match the others. The teams are nearly finished!


Skully said...

A great addition, those scenic bases look very good!

Toby said...

Thanks - the actual bases are from Mantic and are pretty cheap. The rest of the stuff was improvised: I think the column came from a stand called "Detritus of War" that were at a wargames fair. Given that they're basically there to stop the models falling apart, it's worked out quite well!

Mr Papafakis said...

I agree about his pose Toby, he looks a bit daft doesn't he :DDD He painted up ok though, and he should bring some laughs to the win :)

Lovely stuff mate.