Thursday, 20 September 2018

Welcome to the Guard

While the effectiveness of the Imperial Guard has varied from time to time, it has always been an inescapable truth that the individual guardsman is crap. That's the point of the army, really: the Guard are (or is?) a horde army, using loads of little people to wear down the enemy by force of numbers. What this adds up to is that the average unit of guardsmen makes the cast of Dad's Army look like the Special Operations Executive.

Of course, in a smaller-scale setting, one man can make more of a difference. I found a few old Guard models, added weapons where necessary from the ever-excellent Genestealer Acolytes set, and painted them up to look like a second-rate security team, rather like the not-very-fearsome riot police in the 1970s Dawn of the Dead. I think the lack of uniform gear rather helps.

The other reason why they're in blue is that they don't clash too much with my genestealer cultists ("they don't clash" - what is this, a fashion show?), and so could pass as recruits if needed to bulk out the numbers. They've got similar (ie rubbish) stats to low-level cultists, and so could easily join the ranks with the rest of the cannon fodder.

I'm expecting a Beastie Boys cover out of these guys

These aren't the best-painted models I've ever done, but they'll be fine (probably). The face on the middle chap was either a bit miscast or not a great sculpt: I've done what I can, really.

The sunglasses are a feeble attempt to look tough and competent

These two look a bit more professional. They're still really old sculpts (they both appear in the ancient blue Citadel catalogue) but I added new plastic arms, which fitted remarkably well.

Last weekend I went to Colours at Newbury Racecourse. It wasn't quite as good for random broken stuff as last year, but I did manage to pick up a few decent things. One of them was this whopping great lump of resin in the shape of a Hummer armoured car. Ideal for the security forces, or the genestealer cult.


Mr Papafakis said...

They look great Toby! The arm swaps really made a difference. The old original arms were woeful.

That is a massive lump of resin right there mate. Can't wait to see what your going to do with it.

And once again, your humour is right up my alley :)

Great stuff mate.

Toby said...

I think you're right about the arms. Usually putting new parts on an old sculpt doesn't work, but I think the rugged style of the acolyte parts suits the concept quite well. I'll probably do the resin thing as is, although the front is going to need some work owing to a bit of wonky casting.

I'm glad the blog is entertaining! It's on a similar intellectual level to most of my novels really. Next up: a knight on a pig!

Skully said...

Great old school vibe here, I like them a lot!

Toby said...

Thanks, they were fun to do! I've just found some very old school fantasy people, too.