Monday, 11 September 2017

Knight Titan Pilot

The next step has been to work on the pilot: specifically, painting him and getting him into the body of the titan without all the paint coming off. This was surprisingly difficult to do.

I made the pilot out of a sentinel driver's legs, a space marine scout's body and the head of a Brettonian knight. Given that the background says the pilots are generally medieval-type guys, this is Sir Vaylance the Vigilant, last seen in Warhammer armour about to invade Frostgrave.

As the back of his chair/compartment, I used an old door from a Rhino, which by chance fitted really well. I built a control panel at the front of the cockpit and glued him in.

The rear of the body, which presumably contains the engine, was made from plasticard bent to fit in, with a panel cut away to reveal part of the machinery. I find it hard to imagine the circumstances in which anyone will ever see this, but what the heck, I like it.

He's just about to press a button to activate something - possibly the CD player. I expect it to be full of "Classic Jousting Moods" and records by the Medieval Baebes.

So, here's where I've got to so far...

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