Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Sir Vaylance the Vigilant hails from a minor feudal world on the far side of Scutus Minoris. Vaylance is a man of honour, who ceaselessly guards his people and hasn't trodden on any peasants for ages.

During a battle with ork raiders, Vaylance "rescued" Prioress Gwendoline the Irascible of the Order of Triniana Sanctata, by stepping on the enemy warlord. Vaylance was much taken with the comparatively tiny maiden, and vowed to assist the Prioress in the traditional knightly manner (ie whether she liked it or not). Love, as they say in the grim darkness of the far future, conquers all, and what better way to conquer things than to be in a gigantic robot suit?

Finally, the titan is finished! I'm both satisfied with the result and very keen not to paint anything this big for a long while. To begin with, I felt that the overall colour scheme was a bit busy, but to be honest that sort of heraldry seems to be the norm for these things.

Titan enthusiasts will note that I've left off some of the decorations, including the dangling crotch banner. This is mainly because I didn't think they added much to the model, and I was quite sick of freehand without having to paint his enormous loincloth. I doubt I'll add them later - they'll probably end up in some other project.

I think I'll go and paint a goat or something now.

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