Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Wolsung Giant Golem - finished at last!

After what seems like a very long time, the Wolsung Golem is finished. Thanks to the suggestions of a chap called Pourspelour on a forum (probably not his real name) I didn't paint the circular things on the model's chest and kneecaps as headlights, but as some sort of oscilloscope-type readouts. I think it goes well with the style of the model and adds some welcome colour to it that isn't red.

I added a Wild West casualty to his base to liven things up. It's not the greatest sculpt in history but it will certainly do the job. You can see just how very big this model is!

Recently, I won an ebay auction for a group of damaged Imperial Guard models. The space pirate below was made out of one of the damaged models, who seemed to be a commando-type person missing one arm and a leg.  It was then just a matter of sticking things to him and going for a generally piratical look. I didn't have a particular end in mind, but the raised hand (from a harlequin) makes him look rather grand, as if addressing his crew of scurvy dogs.

And finally, look what came through the post! A paperback copy of that book I wrote!


Mr Papafakis said...

Christ! Your a published author too! No wonder why your batreps are so damn entertaining :)

Congratulations Toby!

Toby said...

Thanks! It's very weird having written for GW. Great to see the book in print, though!