Sunday, 19 June 2016

Tower of Cheese: Part 2 (and other thrilling things)

Progress continues on the Frostgrave ruined tower. I bought some packs of dungeon scenery and doors from Mantic games to use for detailing. Mantic's stuff tends towards the cheap and cheerful, and while they've produced some good models (their skeletons in particular), they've also made some ropey ones. I'm pleased to say that the sets I bought are pretty good, especially the furniture.

I added a trapdoor and a shuttered window made from plasticard. Because the window is flat and the wall is round, I had to sculpt the wall forward using Das Clay. The treasure chest comes from the Mantic furniture set. Now the tower just needs a door.

I've made a couple more things to use as objectives or just to liven up the scenery (it is all rather grey, what with being made of stone). The bookcases are Mantic and the things on the table were gathered together by me from various manufacturers. The standing book is a familiar from the new Warhammer Quest game. I like the Bosch-type style of the smaller models in Quest.

In other news, I received my first commission! Well, sort of: it's not being paid, but someone has asked me to paint something for them, which is quite flattering. It's a set of absolutely tiny spaceships for Star Wars Armada. Here they are, as yet.

I'd like to share two useful tips. First, the best way to paint very small detailed things like these ships is to use basecoats, washes and very selective drybrushing. If you can, add detail with a small brush. Secondly, never search for "dungeon furniture" on ebay. Just don't.

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