Thursday, 9 June 2016

Tower of Cheese Part One

After all that futuristic mayhem, I thought it might be interesting to give Frostgrave a try. Frostgrave is a skirmish game set in a ruined (and snowy) fantasy city, like a less complex version of GW's Mordheim (which was itself the fantasy equivalent of Necromunda). If you followed all that, well done.

I was going to need some fantasy terrain. Fantasy terrain is much harder to build than science fiction scenery, because it actually has to look like something. Any lump of vaguely metallic stuff can be washed, inked, drybrushed and passed off as broken Space Machinery, powered by Science, but since fantasy is so often medieval in influence, it has to appear at least slightly credible.

They just do space stuff, ok?

So I decided to make a ruined tower out of a cardboard tube that had once contained cheese. First up, I hacked a hole out of the side. Then I thickened the edges and base with modelling clay and built a floor out of coffee stirrers. I don't know how I ended up with so many of these things, but somewhere there is a Starbucks full of unhappy people unable to stir the skinny latte syrup into their mochachocafrappachinos.

You'd never guess that it wasn't a real stone tower, would you?

The next step was to add bits of plasticard to represent jagged lumps of stone sticking out of the edge of the ruins. I also started to paint the whole edifice brown.

I even managed to find a use for Liquid Green Stuff, applying it to the edges of the damaged area to represent a rough, shattered texture. However, I was not satisfied with what was starting to resemble a broken bucket of poo. A stone colour scheme seemed more appealing.

So that's where we are. It looks better than it did, but still slightly resembles a child's drawing of a happy monster. I have a second floor to add, and some doors and maybe a window or two. All I need now are some citizens...

Meanwhile, all is quiet in Necromunda.