Thursday, 25 March 2021

More Repainted Chaos Marines

 Here's the second batch of chaos marines that I've repainted from their dirty white colour scheme to a new not-Black-Legion look. As before, they're a mixture of old metal chaos models and plastic conversions incorporating plastic chaos marine and Space Wolf parts. 

Left to right: unconverted metal missile launcher guy; champion with Space Wolf torso and cloak; extremely old converted marine with mouth from an ancient plastic space ork.

Left to right: very old plastic marine with head of a Nurgle plaguebearer and shoulder spike from a genestealer's tail; weeny unconverted metal marine with flamer; plastic marine with chaos marauder arms, axe and head.

I'm not sure whether these guys are favoured by the chaos gods or cursed, but they certainly rolled high on some table or other. I particularly like the champion (well, his power sword), screaming mouth guy and the bloke with the axe. Who wouldn't want to join the forces of chaos after seeing these lucky chaps?

I always thought that the old chaos sculpts were rather crappy and second-rate, but the more of these I make, the more I like the models. Yes, they're a bit on the small side, but the kits give real opportunity for bizarre conversions and personalisations. Only a few more of the horde to go!


SpacecowSmith said...

Excellent work on the Chaos Chaps!

I particularly like the dude with the axe as the pose, fleshtones and metallics are especially awesome!

Suber said...

Oh, wow, the same here; I like them all, but I love the bloke with the axe. The menacing pose is fantastic. Great work.

Toby said...

Thanks guys. The axe wielder was one of those lucky moments where a conversion just comes together right. While the new plastic chaos models are excellent, I do like the old-fashioned look, of loonies warped by their exposure to chaos. For a bunch of models that I'd pretty much written off, they've come out pretty well!