Monday, 8 March 2021

Antares Leader a la H.R. Giger

 After last time's harlequin in Moebius-style colours, I dug an old Warlord Games model out and tried to paint it in the colours of H.R. Giger.

Just in case you were wondering, Giger was the chap who designed the Alien and painted a wide range of rather odd pictures in his signature biomechanical style. Here's the Alien:

And here's one of the dead spaceship pilot from Alien:

(Finding a Giger picture that wasn't obviously depicting a load of melted willies was difficult. The things I do for this blog...)

The miniature I used is a leader for the Isorian faction from Gates of Antares which I bought in a sale ages ago. The Isorians have a very biomechanical feel, and the ridged armour of the leader, which seems to be part of her as much as something that she wears, felt as if it would work well with his style.

I'd always assumed that Giger painted in black and white: in face, he uses quite a lot of blue and sepia tones, so I tried to incorporate those. I used washes of black contrast paint, Strong Tone and Dark Tone over white and bone-white undercoats, to get subtle differences, along with some (probably invisible) pink glazes on the flesh. 

Unsurprisingly, the face got the lightest shading, which is good as the eye should be drawn there. I don't really like the space pinapple/cactus that she's hovering over, but otherwise I think it's a really cool model that grew on me the more work I did on it.


SpacecowSmith said...

Lovely work on the xenomorphic armoured figure!

I'd love to see more bio-mech type armour and equipment for human forces as it looks awesome!

myincubliss said...

I think it looks great, space pineapple or no space pineapple!

Suber said...

That's interesting indeed, I really like your take on this one. The pineapple is drawing more attention than desired, but that's because you mentioned it!

Toby said...

That damned pineapple! I might repaint it in the same colours as the woman, as it does draw the eye too much (especially now I've mentioned it several times). Cheers guys - I've got some more Antares models on order now.