Sunday, 3 November 2019

"Fun" with Chaos Spawn

Weird and pissed off.

From time immemorial (ie about 1988), chaos spawn have been an important part of the Warhammer Chaos army, not least because they're a good way of using up all the bits you've got left over from other projects. A while back, I converted one of the strange creatures from the Killteam Rogue Trader box, and that reminded me of some old spawn conversions that I'd done a while ago, and which were gathering dust in a cardboard box when they could be raising hell on the battlefield.

I dug the conversions out, re-based them, and gave them a new coat of paint on the flesh. I more-or-less followed a tutorial that I found here: HERE. It's probably not the most exact method, but it produces a pleasingly disgusting, but not too rotten, effect. Here are the re-worked spawn.

It's rather hard to explain what they are, but there are a lot of tyranid bits in there, along with some skaven parts. The overall effect is... lovely.

Here is a family photo.

Anyway, I actually find them quite gross to look at, so the tutorial obviously worked. I think I'll paint something cartoony and nice next: a knight, maybe, or a wizard. The spawn are going back in their box. Ugh.


Hong in Thar said...

Is it just me or does the first photo look like the eye-child from Garth Marenghi?

Toby said...

It's Skipper the Eye-Child!