Tuesday, 22 May 2018

More Tombstoners

It's been another fairly low-key week. I was invited to a wedding (not that one) in Cardiff, and I thought the other guests wouldn't appreciate me painting through the speeches.

Anyway, I did manage to get a couple more Tombstoners painted. I like the guy on the left's positioning - not quite going for his guns, but certainly giving it thought. His coat was painted grey and highlighted up with blue: given the limited palette, different highlighting colours can really make a difference. The guy on the right looks as if he's stolen his various items of clothing from my wardrobe. I'm not sure if that does him much credit to be honest.

I also managed to finish the buggy that I started making a while ago for the genestealer cult. Following the good advice of Mr Papafakis, I went with a bright colour scheme like those in Chris Foss' spaceship paintings. I think it works nicely.

In the game, I suppose I'd use this as a Sentinel, armed with a missile launcher. As it stands, I just like the look of the thing. It would look right in some border town, impressing the locals.

I really ought to get the Tombstone people together and have a group shot - or a group shoot-out, whichever works better. I've built up quite a few now!

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Hong in Thar said...

I'm looking forward to some more Tombstone in the near future Toby. All the terrain is now finished and I'm ready for some rootin' rootin' thigh slappin action in the near future!