Sunday, 7 January 2018

Works in Progress

A very quick update here. This week I've started a lot of things and finished none, which doesn't really help diminish the pile of lead and plastic needing to be finished. It occurred to me that the model I was converting to be the leader of the new gang, whilst fine, was a bit too different to the others that I'd made to really work.

The legs are from a metal harlequin, the torso is from a dark elf, the right arm is dark eldar and the left arm and cloak come from an Empire outrider (a great kit, especially if you like rotary guns and horses). The head came from the ever-reliable Statuesque Miniatures. The gun is a very old Chaos marine bolter, and the chainsword is a possibly even older Eldar part.

I've also dug up an old conversion that I started ages ago and added to it. It is going to be some sort of large monster: beyond that, I'm not sure. At the moment, it's rather front-heavy, but I've got some arms that should offset the impression. It's a bit like a souped-up deathclaw from the Fallout games, but I think I'll paint it dark green. I can imagine it living in a swamp.


Mr Papafakis said...

Two great projects you've failed to finish Toby :P

That pseudo Deathclaw beast looks pretty damn imposing. With the addition of a few claws it's gunna be a real pain in the arse to the surrounding inhabitants of that swamp you mentioned!

Top stuff :)

Toby said...

I know! It's always more interesting to make new ones, and I prefer the converting to the painting. And now I've started something else... I have made a bit of progress on the gang leader though. I'll get there somehow!

The Biess said...

Where is the head from? Looks cool, and I like your later post showing progress!

Toby said...

I don't know for sure: a friend gave it to me along with a lot of other chaos bits. I think it might be from something called the Megalith. It was a chaos model from a few years ago, when GW was going through a period of big £50 monsters. I wasn't sold on the kit, but it's a good bit.