Sunday, 6 August 2017

The Dogs of Squark

It's not been a very productive week, for no particular reason, but I've been able to get a bit of model-making done.

First, I've started work on an Imagifer (basically, a relic-bearer) for my Sisters of Battle. The standard model is slightly dated and a bit of a lump. The model below was converted from a Seraphim (flying sister) that was missing its jetpack when I bought it second hand. I cut the arms, lowered the left hand and replaced the right with a gauntlet from the Tempestus Scions box.

I thought it would be cooler to give her a banner rather than the sheet of parchment that the GW version is holding up. This banner came from a Gamezone model. It had already broken off, and looked really appropriate. The head had been removed by the previous owner, so I gave her a Statuesque Miniatures head.

Secondly, I finally got around to finishing off two kroot hounds that I bought ages ago. The models were each missing a leg, so I sculpted new ones out of green stuff. The one on the left has a new front leg, and the one on the right was missing his back left leg.

Squarkoids are strange hybrids of vulture and dog that hunt in the badlands surrounding Tin City. They can be domesticated, and are used in a number of roles. However they are less valued for hunting, where their mixture of dog and bird DNA often causes them to try to retrieve one another. They are not to be confused with Flyenas.

I've realised that I really enjoy painting aliens and random space monsters, as opposed to armies of humans and very human-like things. Science fiction games need more monsters.


I added a parchment/banner to the sister of battle, to help cover up the joins and stabilise the model.

Also, a while ago I made a shanty-town type house. I was slightly dissatisfied with it, and so I added a rough metal roof to it, made from off-cuts of plasticard. I think it's greatly improved the model.

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