Saturday, 29 July 2017

A Visit to the Doctor

The medics of Tin City play a vital role in patching up the desperate fighters of the wasteland. Whether it's reattaching a limb or sticking on an entirely new one, you can count on your local doctor to fix you up and not to charge an arm and a leg (at least, not unless you wanted them removed). Most medical practitioners also can dispose of unwanted problems, like grunting fever, squatcrotch or the bodies of slain enemies. That said, many doctors have side businesses too, for when trade is slow, such as Honest Bob's combined surgery, undertaker's and kebab stand.

The clinic was looking rather dull at the start of the week, so I started adding details to the exterior to make it more interesting. The sign was a pain, and I ended up redoing the lettering. I broke up the white exterior with some graffiti and some unspecified tech bits, whilst trying to keep the Japanese shop front style.

I'd like to do some more detailing at the back: perhaps I'll add a little awning over the doorway, or a bike propped up against the wall.

Also, I made a bin out of plasticard and painted it a jolly, if filthy, yellow, to make the shape more interesting and provide a bit more colour. I've not stuck this in place, so it can be put against a range of buildings for instant waste-disposal excitement. I'm waiting for some bits to make the interior.

I also got the chance at last to paint a model I picked up for £1 at last year's Colours event. It's a Privateer Press model called Grim Angus, and has quite a steampunk feel. He came holding a rifle in his right hand, which didn't look quite right, so I replaced it with a knife from a GW ogre. This was surprisingly tricky, and I had to partially rebuild his hand with green stuff. I think he's come out well.

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