Sunday, 13 August 2017

Lady with a banner

At the moment, I am ill. I have some sort of virus and, to quote Kris Kristofferson in one of the Blade films, I feel like hammered shit. Concentrating on much more than shooting aliens on a screen is proving tricky. Anyway, I've got one model done this time, and I think it's come out quite well.

It's the Sisters of Battle imagifer that I built last time. The paint scheme was pretty obvious, really. Amusingly, this model is about a head taller than the rest of the Sisters. Perhaps the main qualification for carrying the relic is that you can hold it up really high. After all, prowess is generally measured in the 40k universe by (1) hat size, (2) proliferation of skulls and (3) sheer physical bulk. Not wearing a helmet also seems to help.

Have I ever explained my theory that skulls grow in the ground in 40k, a bit like turnips on Earth?

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