Saturday, 8 July 2017

Nurgle Champion

So great was the corruption of the governor that folk did not argue about whether he would fall to Chaos, but which of the ruinous powers would claim his soul. The governor's crazed ranting had inspired many a Khornate militia to go on the rampage. His subterfuge and treason were worthy of a devotee of Tzeentch. And his depraved, insatiable lusts would have made a priest of Slaanesh wince.

But ultimately he belonged to Nurgle, the god of corruption and decay. Now his name is lost, and he is known only as Threebellies, a monster as bloated as he is stupid, whose ruins everything he touches.

I've never really been very into Chaos in Warhammer, either in fantasy or 40k, although some of the really old stuff has an entertaining Hieronymous Bosch feeling. It's pretty take-it-or-leave-it for me, and most of it I'd leave. In particular, I've never really got Nurgle, whose models always looked a bit jolly and suffered from an excess of tentacles.

Anyway, a friend of mind gave me part of a really old metal Great Unclean One. I had no real use for it, until I discovered that the upper body of one of the riders from the Maggoth kit fitted really well on top of it. By which I mean that it was grossly misproportioned.

I found a tutorial for painting suitably rancid skin and followed it. He does look a bit like a mouldy strawberry up on end, but in the circumstances, that might not be an entirely bad thing.



SpacecowSmith said...

Cracking job on the Nurgle chappie!

It's loathsomely appealing and makes a fantastic character model!

All the best!

Toby said...

Cheers! I can't see myself getting into Chaos - for one thing, I've got an army of space nuns I need to finish, and for another, massive 28mm battles aren't that appealing - but inevitably several people I know are going to end up with the new 40k boxed set, and it can't hurt to have a few bits and pieces to add to it.

Since I learned the alchemical secrets of Dettol, I've got about half a ton of stripped lead models to repaint, and this was partly one of them.