Sunday, 4 September 2016

Robot Repair Shop

Here at Rob's Robot Repairs, we take customer satisfaction seriously. So if your A-10 is a bit twitchy, or your Terminator is terminated, drop by and we'll have him up and running (or rolling on his tracks, depending on circumstances). And if your robot then goes on a murderous rampage, we'll give you your money back! There's a deal that computes!

Come to Rob's Robot Repairs - with us, you can't go wrong!

After what feels like a very long time, the robot repair shop is at last finished! This is the fourth small shop for my Necromunda scenery. The aim is to eventually build up a small market, together with some tables and perhaps a bar of some kind, as a sort of mixture of Blade Runner and Diamond City from Fallout 4.

The broken robots on the table are meant to represent, from left to right, Ash from Alien, C3PO, the Voight-Kampf machine from Blade Runner and the Mark 13 head and claw from Hardware.

Here's a shot showing the back of the stall, with some shelves and some complex (and incomprehensible) machinery.

Because making these stalls has taken so long, the first couple feel like they need a bit more work. In particular, the Genestealer Cult stall is pretty basic. That said, what would you sell from a stall devoted to a cult about alien invaders? The cult magos' discount guide to enlightenment?

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Mr Papafakis said...

Funny and way cool :)