Monday, 8 July 2019

Glottkin Titan: Jam for the Jam Gods

I've always been interested by Warhammer's Glottkin model. It's a fantasy miniature, made for the End Times campaign, and features a massive Nurgle chap being ridden by two Nurgle champions, a wizard and a fighter. As with a lot of Nurgle models, I'm not that sold on it. However, it's always seemed to have a lot of conversion potential.

In particular, the left arm seems too big and the right arm feels too small, even for a gun. And it's always been much too expensive for me. However, when I saw a rather battered Glottkin on Ebay for a reasonable amount, I bought it and got to work.

I hacked off the weird mouth-lamprey-thing from his right arm, which I intended to use as the mount for a thermal cannon left over from my knight titan. Then, having made a good start, I chopped off his left arm and shoved it up his bum. The join was covered with DAS clay and green stuff, and the big tentacle made a nice tail. And by nice, I mean revolting.

Then it was time for a bit of an experiment. I'd seen the new GW contrast paints as a good way of covering large areas. The Glottkin is big and very warty, which would hopefully be good for the paint to take hold. So I sprayed him white and got to work with a pot of Blood Angel Red.

Hmm, not bad, if a bit like strawberry jam. Obviously, it'll need some extra work, but the basic effect is quite "nice", by which I mean that he looks like the rotting love-child of an Imperial Knight and a randy squig.

He then got a gun emplacement on his back, again courtesy of the knight kit. This bit is an icarus autocannon.

Here's a rather washed-out picture of current progress, together with a delightful pink stomach. This is what happens when the chaos gods make jelly!


SpacecowSmith said...

Brilliant conversion work on the Glottkin!

Mr Papafakis said...

You had me at "shoved it up his bumb".

I've never seen it before, but the issues you pointed out make sense. Great work correcting them.... especially the bumb bit :p

As for the contrast paints. They're not good at covering large areas. They're much better, and predominantly designed for, surfaces with a lot of detail....more like a dip. If you're undecided on how to proceed I'd suggest going over it with a few washes.

Looks great so far mate :)

Toby said...

Cheers guys. Yes, I think I did the right thing by his bum, so to speak!

The contrast paint worked quite well on the glottkin because he's very bumpy and warty. I wouldn't expect anything near as good results on say, Eldar or Space Marines. I have used some washes - green and purple, mainly - and it looks better with them. Overall, a decent way of getting a fair amount of coverage, but not perfect.